The Philosophy

  • Exponential Population Growth

    The population of the world is expanding rapidly at the same time as individuals demand for natural resources is increasing

  • Exponential Rate of Progress

    Progress is happening as such a rapid rate, that it is difficult to know what will come next.

  • Rapid Doubling of Knowledge

    Up until the late nineteenth century knowledge in the world was thought to double every century. Now it is doubling every year and IBM predict soon it will double every 12 hours

In this book, you will discover that we are living in an extraordinary time in the history of humanity, for 3 primary reasons: 1. A massive explosion in global population, 2. An exponential rate of change and progress, and 3. A massive acceleration in the speed at which knowledge is doubling in the world. The consequence is that world is on a knife edge between great opportunity and also great threats, with the world being on the edge: 1. Economically, 2. Politically, 3. Socially, 4. Environmentally and finally 5. Individually. I believe all these things are connected.

At an individual level, most people are experiencing a plethora of issues and challenges, that at the deepest level, goes to the core of who we really are, what we really want, even why we are alive. There is an epidemic of pressure, stress, anxiety and issues regarding our general mental health and physical condition and overall wellbeing.

Against this backdrop, I believe now is a time when we need new thinking, new ideas and new solutions, driven by a new enlightenment, which is based on three tenets: 1. Wisdom, 2. Love and 3. Imagination.

In essence, we need a to game change our approach to the way we live our lives, and manage our careers, so that we can make the most of our lives, and our time on earth. To do this, we need to change three fundamental things: 1. The way we see things, 2. What and how we think? and 3. What we do. To enable these changes, we need to increase our consciousness, to develop a deeper curiosity, and an ability to challenge our own knowledge, beliefs and assumptions. We have to be open minded, and ultimately prepared to break free from the herd mentality, that forces us to subconsciously do similar things to the majority, without even realising that we are doing it.

The modern world is orientated around the subconscious pursuit of success, which at its core is represented by money and wealth, which enables you to buy stuff and to have choices.

Whilst money is needed, there is no doubt about that, it is not the end goal. The end goal should be 1. Happiness, 2. Fulfilment and 3. Making a difference, which are the primary things you need to focus on. The biggest mistake is to believe that money makes you happy on its own, it doesn’t; many super wealthy people have been so unhappy, they have taken their own lives.

Altruism and making a difference, is not only good for the beneficiaries, it also good for you. I believe it is also our obligation and responsibility to future generations, and something that will also give you peace of mind, and help you to sleep well at night. We should together look to hand over the world to the next generations in as good, or ideally, a better condition than we inherited it. Doing your part towards this, will help you to be truly happy, and to be successful beyond your hearts desire as well. “Give and you will receive”; what you give freely to others and the wider world, with a good heart, and with expectation of nothing in return, has a habit of bringing good things back to you with interest. This is a philosophy that you can adopt as a new way of life, that will make your life better.

You need to think holistically, and see the bigger picture, as well as putting your whole life under the microscope.

To make the most of your life, you need to know what you really want, so that you can discover the best way of getting it. The problem is, that all too often, we don’t really know what we want, and often what we think we want, isn’t what we actually want. To know what it is that you truly want at the deepest level, you need increased consciousness, self-understanding and awareness, and to get to the core of your true identity. The best way of doing this is to go on an inner journey of introspection and discovery, to gain a deep understanding about all aspects of your identity. This will enable you to work out what is important and not important for you, so that your goals can be crystal clear, and that you can apply your efforts in the right direction. To do this, means taking the way you live your life, and manage your career to the highest level. In doing this, you can do more, have more, know more, be more and make more of a difference. You can not only change your life, you can positively transform it, and even transcend to the highest level of human existence if you set your mind to it. In effect, you have to play two games; an inner game, and an outer game in the real world.

It is an exciting journey, full of possibility, I hope you are up for the challenge. The truth is that most people won’t be, they will follow the majority, doing broadly the same things. They will resist change, they will close their hearts and minds to new possibilities, and won’t be prepared to do what it takes to live their life at a higher level; what is worse, they are unlikely to see this is what they are doing. Only you can decide what is right for you, but if you decide to live your life at a higher level, you can join the small community of like-minded people, who not only aspire to make the most of their lives, but who actually try to turn their dreams into reality, and to make their highest and best contribution to the world.

Feeling good more of the time, in fact not just feeling good, but feeling great, even awesome, is the prize. The way that you can achieve this, is to take the way you live your life and manage your career to the highest level, and also be a force for good in the world, to make a difference, and in doing so, you’ll create a positive ripple, that can contribute to positively changing the entire world. The truth is, that small things that you can easily do, matter much more than you think they do, and you are also way more powerful and capable than you think you are.

You will need to see and discover the truth, make the connections and change the game.