The Movement

When you discover the truth, make the connections and choose to change the game in the way you live your life and manage your career, so that you can Feel Good and Positively Change The World, you are entitled to join the "Feel Good Change The World Movement".

The Movement is a friendly and supportive group of people working independently and together to advance their shared ideas and belief in a new enlightenment which is based on the tenets of: Wisdom, Love and Imagination.

People who join the movement believe in being a force for good in the world, they recognise that what they do and who they are, has the potential for a positive, negative or neutral impact on the world. The idea is to live your life and manage your career in a way that maximises your positive impact in the world and minimises your negative impact.

Edmund Burke said: "The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing". Being passive in the face of others doing wrong is not acceptable. You need to be active in the way you live your live.

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