Accelerator Programme

Embarking on a journey of personal transformation, with the prospect of even achieving transcendence is about making a lifelong, unwavering commitment to personal growth and development.

The accelerator programme is designed to help people who make that choice, to accelerate their progress along that journey.

Central to personal growth and development is developing a deep understanding of one self, which requires going on an inner journey of discovery. This is perhaps the most difficult journey of all. The accelerator programme offers tools, techniques and resources to enable this to be achieved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Power Hour with Jonathan Blain

Sometimes you just need someone independent to talk to about something personal, could be a problem, challenge or issue, a difficult decision is simply uncertainty about decisions, choices or situations. Sometimes you are not even sure what you want, or need but a chat with the right person can help you to discover what that really is.

It was recognising these situations that caused Jonathan Blain to create a power hour service, where you can talk confidentially about anything you want, the the only caveat that what you are talking about must be legal and ethical.

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